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Avid Skate Boarders Break in Samara’s Skate Spot

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Finding a place where those with a passion for skateboarding can do their stunts and tricks is a bit complicated, but now Samara has a new spot.

Meli Bar and Restaurant, located 100 meters west of Banco de Costa Rica in Samara, now has a halfpipe where skate boarders can go starting at 8 a.m.

Although the bar has existed for some years, Samara residents Harold Lopez and Sean Foerster took over the space in early December and gave it a more park-like atmosphere.

“The idea was not only to have a bar or a restaurant. The idea is that people can hang out and relax more. Here, parents can eat and have a beer while the children play in the half pipe. Big people can also use the half pipe,” explained 19-year-old Foerster.

For Lopez, another important principle is that the space should be accessible for the Samara community. A session (period of one or two hours) costs ¢1000 ($1.90), while a whole day costs ¢2000 ($3.75).

In addition to the ramp, the restaurant also has a trampoline for little children.

Those who want to go skating can do so from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. The restaurant service is open until 8 p.m., but the bar remains open later.