AyA Commits to Providing Assistance to Nosara and La Esperanza Sur’s Asadas

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(Nosara) During the national government’s visit to the community of Garza on July 23rd, residents took the opportunity to ask President Luis Guillermo Solis to help the seven ASADAs of Nosara.

Due to the shortage of water in the area, Adrian Arias, representative of the Nosara Leadership Forum, requested drilling and making a well in the Los Angeles neighborhood, as well as financial and administrative training for members of the ASADAs.

Likewise, residents of La Esperanza Sur voiced concern over the deterioration of part of the communal aqueduct’s pipeline due to the recent repair of the street that runs through it.

Given these complaints, Yamileth Astorga, executive president of Aqueducts and Sewers (AyA), indicated that they will coordinate drilling the well in the Los Angeles neighborhood. In addition, she pointed out that on Sunday, July 19th, the Nosara ASADA received three 10,000-liter tanks that were sent by AyA to be placed on the north bank of the Nosara River, in the Arenales sector and in Los Angeles. These tanks are going to be a temporary solution to the lack of water in these communities.

In the case of La Esperanza Sur, Astorga indicated that they will evaluate the request to replace approximately 3 kilometers of the ASADA’s pipeline, which benefits about 125 users.