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Barco del Amor Revives with Macrobiotic Soda

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After sitting empty in the maritime zone of Garza Beach for about five years, Barco del Amor reopened in December, this time as a macrobiotic store and soda.

Rachel Fregosi, a French woman who has been a resident of Costa Rica for 18 years now, was selling macrobiotic products in the streets and wanted to find a permanent location for her business. She noticed the abandoned Barco del Amor building, inquired about it and decided it was the ideal location to rent.

She and her partner, Georgia Fisher, are keeping the name Barco del Amor because it is typical and well known in the area.The soda offers salads and sandwiches, ranging in price from 1500 to 3000 colones ($3 to 6), as well as french fries, baked goods, coffee, tea and pipa juice from coconuts.Homemade cheese and the fresh milk are locally produced in Garza. In addition, when fresh fish is available, they will serve fried fish and ceviche.

A variety of natural fruit juices and milkshakes will be for sale with prices ranging from 1000 to 2000 colones ($2 to 4) depending on if special ingredients are added to create macrobiotic remedies.In addition to the soda, Fregosi sells macrobiotic products and cosmetics. Also crafts and furniture made of wood from Guanacaste will be on display, along with clothing and hammocks produced by local artisans and one French artist. Elisa Ross Mix displays jewelry, ceramics and Lotus-brand pants. Pascale Bodhyate offers therapeutic jewelry to regulate the nervous system and a clothing line made in Costa Rica.

Fregosi invites local artists to show their pieces. “I want each one to have their space and their name to promote them,” she commented.  The venue will also be available for events such as weddings, dance classes, live music and crafts workshops. Barco del Amor opens at 10 a.m. daily and is open until around 6 p.m., although Fregosi assured that the hours can be extended.  For more information, contact 8608-0841.