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Bars and Restaurants Will Offer the Best for Mothers

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The options are varied when it comes to taking Mom out to eat this coming August 15.

Different bars and restaurants in Nicoya, Nosara and Samara will provide mothers with their best dishes and promotions, live music and even gifts.

Starting on Wednesday, August 14, the School of Music, in conjunction with the July 25 Symphony Orchestra of Nicoya and the Nicoya Symphonic Band, will give a concert in honor of mothers at 7 p.m. in the Casa de la Culture.

That same day, the Bar and Restaurant Mas Coyol, located in Llano, 6 kilometers from the main entrance of Nicoya, will have a karaoke dance with artist Roony Baltodano. Anais Miranda, manager, highlighted that they will have promotions on the popular “baldazos” (buckets), which includes 6 beers at 5000 colones ($10). There will also be casados, chifrijos, pork ribs, nachos and raffles for mothers.

For August 15 in Nosara Il Basilico Restaurant and Bar, located 150 meters south of  the Yoga Institute, will host a dinner buffet and live music with the artist Lucho Calavera, the specialties are seafood, pizza and pasta. For reservations please call 2682-1472.

If you prefer the taste of roasted rib or baked chicken, La Casona restaurant, located at the junction of the Los Arenales neighborhood in Nosara, will have those dishes and a promotion of two medium pizzas for 10,000 colones ($20). Also Freddy Sandoval, owner of the place, said that there will be live music by the musician “Gaviota Norteña”, who is from San Carlos and will perform mariachi and tex-mex music. For more information, call 2682-0442.

In Samara on August 15, Cafe Carola will offer coffees at no cost to mothers. Carola Kurth, owner, said her specialty is German food, so you can also enjoy pretzels, strudels and fresh German bread. You can call her at 2656-2411.

If you want to take Mom to dance, Chari’s Bar and Restaurant in Nicoya, located at the entrance of the city, opposite the Barrantes gas station, will have a dance with the group Simba Musical from Mexico and the national group Corporacion. The presale tickets cost 5000 colones ($10) and can be bought at the restaurant. For more information, call 2685-6248.

Always in Nicoya, Spazio restaurant, 200 meters north and 25 meters west of the Banco de Costa Rica, will have a unique menu for mothers. Fernando Obando, owner, said the daily special is crispy stuffed chicken, along with raffles of dinners and bottles of wine. Reservations can be made at 2686-5858.