Beaches of White and Pink Sand Hidden in Nosara

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The Voice of Guanacaste’s team decided to look for secret beaches along the Nicoyan coast – beaches that have scenic beauty but are not as far as they seem; ones that have not been affected by tourism.

The tour started south of Giones, at the point where the sea comes up to the rocks and marks the division between Playa Guiones and Playa Garza. Access there is easy; it can be reached from south Guiones during low tide, as the property along the beach is private.

Walking for some 15 minutes along the wet rocks brings you to Playa Rosada. Tiny pink rocks give a magic color to the ground. In the direction of the horizon one can see a pink sand cay that shines amidst the blue ocean. The beach is so small that it will be just for you.

Continuing along the rocks we arrive at Playa Cuarzo. This beach is bigger and although there is some evidence of humans (an old hut, a holistic school and some fishermen), the scenery is intact. The rocks shine, covered with pure quartz. The sand is white and the water crystal clear. The incoming tide traps visitors there for six hours.