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Belen de Nosarita Residents Surround and Detain Criminal Suspect

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This Sunday, January 12, officials from Nicoya’s Public Force arrested a man with last name Carrillo Briones, the primary suspect in the murder of Ingrid Hernandez Mayorga, which took place on Friday, January 10 in Belen de Nosarita.

Carlos Ondoy, the official in charge of the operation, said that the arrest happened at 7 p.m. following a resident’s call to 911 emergency services. They indicated that the suspect was surrounded and detained by several community members.

It seems that Carrillo Briones came in to the community asking for water and food. He appeared weak and had four wounds on his chest and one on his neck, made by a sharp, pointed weapon. “It appears that he tried to end his life but didn’t succeed,” explained Ondoy, who also said that when they found Carrillo, he was surrounded by several residents who had tied him to a chair to prevent him from fleeing.

Next, officials transported the suspect to their office in Nicoya and an ambulance took him to Hospital La Anexion so he could receive medical attention under policy custody.

Ondoy mentioned that once the suspect has left the hospital he will continue to be under arrest and in the charge of the Public Ministry