BiblioMoto Rides To Santa Marta

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A few months ago, librarian Consuelo Juárez and Beverly Kitson, director of the David Kitson Library, met with Santa Marta School Director Marbeth Díaz Noguera to discuss the possibility of having an extension of the library in the Santa Marta School. In a second meeting, just after Semana Santa, school personnel and teachers of third through sixth grades Doris García Quevara and Magaly Porras Obregón helped to set the details of the new program. Monday, April 8th the BiblioMoto program began with great success.


Why is it called BiblioMoto? Marjorie Alvarez, the assistant librarian at Biblioteca Kitson, lives in Santa Marta and travels back and forth to work on her motorcycle. The idea occurred to the library staff that Marjorie could spend one day a week at the school and carry the books for the children back and forth on her moto, thereby creating a BiblioMoto.


On Monday, April 8th, third graders at the Santa Marta School were very excited about the program and eagerly signed their library cards. Marjorie read them a story to which they responded with rapt attention. Then each child chose a book to take home for two weeks and enjoy with their families. The children sat right down on the floor with their books and began reading immediately.


Biblioteca Kitson hopes to continue extending its range, helping other communities to give more children the opportunity to enjoy story time and reading on their own.