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Bidding Process Begins For Restoring Colonial Church

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In a meeting on February 12, Nicoyans received the good news that the restoration work of the emblematic colonial church is up for bid, after having been affected by the earthquake last year on September 5th. Work could begin in three months.

The Ministry of Culture and Youth (MCJ) conducted an evaluation of the Church of San Blas of Nicoya, which has been declared of historic architectural interest. The church showed evidence of structural damage, plaster cracked off and some other elements.“We have the budget to do the restoration work.  Whatever it costs (economically), we are going to restore it. The engineers already did assessments and made the designs of what will be done in the temple. What’s important is that the processes to start are now taking place,” affirmed Adrian Vindas, director of the MCJ Heritage Center.

According to the presentation of the Cultural Heritage officials, the church will have better illumination both internally and on its external structure, in such as way that it could give better clarity with the colonial plaza.“This has been good news for Nicoyans, that very soon we will reopen the temple, which, in addition to being a place that holds a lot of colonial history, is a place where religious ceremonies are performed,” said Pastor Marvin Sanchez. 

Vindas explained that, after having initiated the work, it could take three more months to reopen the doors to the San Blas temple.