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Bioanalítica Earns Blue Flag for Responsible Efforts in Sustainability

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Last Friday, June 28 Bioanalítica received the blue flag, becoming the first water studies laboratory in Costa Rica to receive the recognition. 

This company offers a variety of services related to chemical analysis and drinking water samples, pool water, wastewater and food as well as maintenance services, technical studies, and training. They are equipped with an environmental laboratory. 

Bioanalítica was founded in 2015 in Santa Cruz. Its objective is to cover rural zones where lab access is difficult to come by. In the last four years, it has expanded with offices in Golfito, Parrita, San Carlos and Santa Bárbara de Heredia. 

Harry Hernández, executive director of the lab, says that the goal to earn the blue flag comes from their eagerness to turn Bioanalítica into a vanguard company in sustainable management. In general, water study labs are a polluting industry and, since their purpose is helping the customer prevent environmental damage, it was fundamental for them to be consistent with their values and stop polluting. 

To achieve this, Bioanalítica underwent a series of significant changes in its internal functioning. The greatest change, according to the director, was substituting lab testing methods. 

It’s common for analysis methods in labs to generate heavy metals and other toxic waste. Due to this, Bioanalítica invested in renovating its labs to transition to green methods that don’t produce these kinds of pollutants.

That’s our greatest achievement because now we don’t generate waste that damages the environment,” Hernández said.   

The process involved other actions suck as reducing the use of plastic and substituting it with reusable glass, cutting emissions and changing lab equipment in order to reduce energy consumption. According to the director, the blue flag is tangible proof of their commitment to sustainability for their customers.

The company is on its way to earning the ISO 17025 certificate, an international recognition of the quality of lab testing methods and calibration. 

If you ware interested in contacting BioAnalítica, you can call 8492 3432 or send an email to [email protected] or on their Facebook page.