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Blast from the Past

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We are reminded of the impossible situation experienced by the Playas de Nosara pioneers, many who have gone to the big wave in the deep blue. We hear of barges from Puntarenas, loaded with sand and cement bags landing on our shores, waiting for oxcarts to haul the materials up the hill to build houses; and as the story goes, the only way to get to Nicoya was on horseback, if that. Here are a few items from the Nosara Civic Association in newsletters in days of yore:

“NCA owns and operates the first private water system in Costa Rica.” June 1994

“…The money exchange situation has been further complicated for tourist by a new law last month eliminating free market trading. Banks now control the exchange rate of ¢52 per $1 US dollar.” October 15, 1982

“…[NCA’s] main objectives are the same as a small city to provide basic services (water, security, garbage collection, etc.)…Due to different events and actions not taken at the time, progress on having the new water rates approved by the Government has been frustrating to the point of desperation.” October 1997

“A telephone is scheduled to be installed at the hotel shortly which will aid greatly in making room and hotel reservations.”  August 1, 1980

“Cooperation between the NCA and leaders in the town of Nosara is at an all time high. We are finding that more and more problems can be solved with our joint efforts.” June 1994

“Between now (August 1) and December 1, [NCA] is chartering SANSA for a fixed rate of $400 per flight. ICE is subsidizing almost half this fee to move their plant operations and line installations crews and Punta Guiones, an Italian cabin village at Garza is committed to a significant share.” August 1, 1982 

“The bank lines are long. A hour plus wait is not uncommon. One line to convert cash dollars into colones. Changing travelers checks requires on line for approval, a second to cash them.” January 20, 1983

“There is now a monthly newspaper in Nosara, The Voice of Nosara, printed in both Spanish and English.”  March 2003