Brenda Bombard, Wildlife Rescuer

Brenda Bombard has dedicated her life to rescuing wildlife, starting when she moved to Costa Rica with her five kids. She often risks her life to rescue a monkey from a power line or other hazard.  It’s dangerous work, but Brenda does not complain. She loves what she does and would not change it for anything.  Remember that what Brenda does is not safe, so if you see a hurt monkey, don’t try to rescue it yourself.

When Brenda moved here in 1998, she took immediate notice of all the wildlife accidents.  Since then, she has started the Refuge for Wildlife in Las Huacas.  Her Nosara Refuge for Wildlife has a full animal hospital. They have an exam room, surgery room, incubators and more.  Brenda has worked very hard to get her non-profit to where it is now, and she is nowhere near finished with what she’s started.

According to Brenda, the refuge has many goals, starting with putting up monkey bridges. So far, she and her team have put up many bridges between Marbella to Esperanza. For all monkeys to cross safely, she says she must put up many more. It is a long process, but it is coming together quite nicely.

Brenda has many other goals including putting up a camera in the surgery room. She wants to put up the cameras so schools can watch live operations to see what happens to the monkeys when they get electrocuted or hurt.

Brenda has accomplished quite a lot here in Nosara, so many monkey lives and other animals have been saved because of her and her team.  Let’s give a big thank you to Brenda Bombard for what she has done for this community.