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Caimital Bailey Bridge Will be Replaced by New Concrete Structure

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The Bailey bridge over the El Armado creek in Caimital has its days numbered because the National Roadway Council (CONAVI) will replace it with a new one made of concrete.

The work will begin in late November and will consist of removing the existing structure and installing a new one-lane concrete bridge 12 meters long, said Reynaldo Mata, engineer in charge of supervising the work.

CONAVI estimates that the bridge will be ready before the year ends. During the work, those traveling from Nicoya to Samara or Nosara should turn left at the main intersection of Caimital and use the road to Nosarita. On October 1, the current bridge collapsed due to heavy rains after a head of water swept through and damaged a pipe.

The route was opened again on October 4 when CONAVI reinforced and repositioned the same bridge and widened the bays of the viaduct.