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Candidate from Rodrigo Chaves’s party edges out PUSC by two votes; there’s still an electoral protection to be decided on

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Translator: Arianna Hernández

The Supreme Electoral Court (TSE for the Spanish acronym) published the final definitive count from the first round of the presidential and legislative elections. Although Costa Rica will go to the second round on April 3 to elect either Jose Maria Figueres or Rodrigo Chaves as president, the legislative positions are becoming clearer.

In Guanacaste, the final count ousted Christian Social Unity candidate Bismarck Villegas by two votes. Daniel Vargas, from the Social Democratic Progress Party, takes his place. The other three seats will be occupied by Social Christian Melina Ajoy and National Liberationists Luis Fernando Mendoza and Alejandra Larios.

Of course, the TSE has not made the official declaration of the results. Villegas even filed an  electoral protection appeal and asked the TSE for a manual count of the votes in Guanacaste, according to spokesperson Ana Cristina Valdelomar, a national assembly member from the Christian Social Unity Party.

Previously, The Voice talked with the legislative candidates about their proposals for if they were elected to the Legislative Assembly. We review their responses below: