Cangrejal of Samara Seeks to Beautify Coast and Make It Safer

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Cangrejal residents want to give a new look to part of Samara Beach and beautify about 300 meters along the coast.

The project includes the construction of visitor facilities such as restrooms, showers to rinse off the salt water, tables and seating, as well as grills for cooking and a security guard shack.

Since May of this year, neighbors took steps to get lighting in this sector, which was processed through ICE, who installed six light posts, so now people can enjoy greater visibility when going through this sector.

Abdenago Torres Melendez, one of the neighbors who promoted the lighting project and improvement of the plaza, said that this project was undertaken because many people who live in Cangrejal were concerned about the lack of light in the place, which prompted people to come and carry out acts of vandalism and increase drug use in that area.

“This beautification project is in the 300 meters along the beach. Most beaches do not have the facilities to take care of tourists so they can rinse off salt water, bathrooms, seats so people can sit down and spend time together as a family,” Torres explained

Additionally, Torres said that the following Samara residents participated in this beautification project: Noe Palma, Rommel Torres, Abel de La O, Basilio Fajardo and Jose Cruz, who have beautified the area by doing maintenance and planting trees.

Also, Torres explained that the Cangrejal ASADA will be providing facilities to access drinking water.

For now, Adriana Rodriguez, vice mayor, reported that the municipality is in the preliminary stage and is evaluating doing a similar project in Cangrejal. She said that they will be meeting with community residents in the coming weeks to evaluate whether they could join the project and do it together.

Torres also reported that another facility that they would like to build there is a pergola, which is like a platform or stage, in order to hold small ceremonies for visitors.

“They want to put in a cement pergola, which is like a little house without walls, for those who want to get married or hold some activity,” Torres commented.

The estimated cost of this project is around 10 million colones ($18,900) and they hope it will be completed this year.