Car Wash Fundraiser Organized to Help Buy Wheelchair for Esperanza Kid

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The third through fifth graders of private school Academy del Sol have created a fundraising campaign called “Change For a Cause” as their first community project for one of their classes. Their mission, created by the students, is to collect money to improve the life of a child who needs a new wheelchair.  

“The 12 year old boy’s name is Fabricio Lopez Molina. He lives in Esperanza on the same street of the school and where several of our students live. When Fabricio was 5 years old he stopped walking due to a disease called muscular dystrophy. He lives with his father and sister. His mom died from heart surgery. His current wheelchair is in poor condition and his disease is worsening so it limits him,” explains Paige Wilson, principal of the school. 

The students believe Molina can live a happier life and enjoy doing things that children his age should be able to experience. In order to raise the goal of $500, the students jumpstarted their campaign by organizing a car wash last Friday, March 6.

They worked hard under the sun scrubbing off layers of dirt and left happy customers who helped contribute to a total of almost $100 that was raised.

But their hard work doesn’t stop there. They have written to wheelchair manufactures asking them for their help. Moreover, they will also put on bakes, drinks, yard sales, and the old fashion approach of going door to door to share their mission.

So start gathering coins lying around your house taking up space on tables, stored in cups or laying in the cracks of your couch, because the next time you hear a knock on the door, it just might be one of these students asking you to donate some change.

“It’s a beautiful thing these kids are doing. We hope to raise the remaining money soon,” said Wilson.