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Casa Romantica Entices with Flavorful Beef, Fish and Pasta Dishes

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There are so many new restaurants in Nosara,that it is nice to see one of the old stalwarts flourish.  Casa Romantica, a family run hotel and restaurant for more than 25 years, continues to serve delicious meals.  “We are European style, with atouch of Italian,” said owner Remo Britschgi.


Brischgi´s chef, Gustavo Cerrato, trained at Italian restaurant Pomodoro in San Jose before joining Casa Romantica eight years ago. They specializes in beef dishes, pastas like pesto made with macadamia nuts, and seafood specialties, like a tropical fish curry with mango and papaya. Pasta dishes are available for 4,800 to 5,300 colones.


In German Swiss fashion, Casa Romantica serves aged beef to make it tender.  “We cook it rare for those who like it that way.  Most local meats are cooked all the way through,” he said.  He offers a 250 grams beef with a pepper flavoring but also has a stroganoff sauce dish.  Chef Cerrato also prepares beef with a tropical sauce, a spinach and mozzarella sauce and Britschgi’s favorite, a Dijon mustard and vodka based sauce.  Main meat dishes go for 7,800 to 8,000 colones.


For dessert, Cerrato and Britschgi serve Café Rica whipped with ice cream and vanilla.  They also offer the traditional brownie and ice cream and banana flambé.  Most desserts are 3,000 colones.  


Casa Romantica is located in North Guiones, on the Gilded Iguana Road, across from the Jade Hotel.  


Contact information:  phone 2682-0272

Hours:  Dinner only, 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Buffet breakfast served to hotel guests only.

The Good:  

Dishes includes tropical flavors, something rare in the restaurants of the area.

The Bad:  

No live music but that is great for a romantic, candlelight dinner.