Catching Up with The Nosara Library

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The library program “Soy bebe, y me gusta leer” (I am a baby, and I like to read) began 2014 with wonderful attendance for both age groups.  The eight attending in the older group of 2- and 3-year-olds was enthusiastic and had fun with the storytelling and follow-up activities. About seven are attending the group forbabies of six months up to one year. Accompanied by their mothers, the babies listen to the stories and enjoy interacting with Marjorie Alvarez, the coordinator of this program.  We are looking forward to continued classes for these children on a bi-monthly basis on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. for the older children and 11 a.m. for the babies.  The librarian, Consuelo Juarez, reads stories to the children on a day to day basis as the children gather in the library in the afternoons.

The Reader’s Club has 25 children from Del Mar Academy and 18 from Santa Teresita elementary school, the four teachers have their work cut out for them.  The library fortunately has a very good collection of children’s books so there is no shortage of material.  This program is now in its seventh year, and we are working on new ways to make it more interesting as well as fun.

Over the years, many visitors have brought books for the library.  We very much appreciate these gifts as we know how heavy books are and how they influence packing for a trip.  The 25th of February was a real bright letter day for us when the Gheewala family from Bellevue, Washington, Sandra, Parag and daughter Maya, arrived as tourists for a visit to Nosara and with them they brought four and a half big boxes filled with many books of all reading levels.  One entire box is children’s books in Spanish, collected by Maya and her classmates. It is particularly difficult for us to find a good selection of Spanish children’s books in the country.  We are so appreciative of this gift and know that the children of Nosara will get many hours of enjoyment from this donation.

Bibliomoto will ride to Santa Marta again this year.  The schedule for these library visits and readers’ clubs for 3rd to 6th graders was worked out with school director Marbeth Diaz Noguerra.  Our hopes are to continue to expand this program to other areas that are far from the library.

Through all of these programs, the David Kitson Library endeavors to foster a love of reading in the Nosara youth.