Caturgua Gets Complaints from Players Restaurant in Liberia Airport

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To the president of the Guanacaste Chamber of Tourism (Caturgua- Camara de Turismo de Guanacaste), Priscila Solano, there are establishments that “abuse and scare away tourists” due to their high prices and providing poor customer service.

Such is the case with the Players restaurant, which is located within the Daniel Oduber International Airport facilities in Liberia and against which Caturgua has received complaints from tourists due to the high prices of the products.

“We have received complaints from tourists because at this restaurant a hamburger costs $25, a banana $5 and an apple $4,” Solano said.

For his part, Marco Zani, executive chef for Players, said that a basic hamburger costs $15. “From there, prices vary if you want a double patty or additional ingredients or other sides.”

Zani indicated that the prices of bananas and apples sold there aren’t what Solano mentioned, but on the other hand he did not specify what they are currently.

In addition, the executive chef acknowledged that they have received complaints from some customers about the prices. However, he believes that this is due to several factors, mainly the cost of operating the restaurant inside the terminal.

“It’s well known that the prices of services and operations at any airport are more expensive,” he noted. And although he did not provide the amount to be paid to the terminal’s administration for the location’s concession due to reasons of confidentiality, he affirmed that “it is very expensive.”

However, for most tourists who use TripAdvisor’s international restaurant locator, of the 74 comments posted about this restaurant, 64 evaluated the restaurant as “terrible.”

“I have never in all my life and all my travels around the world paid $75 for two lousy burgers and fries! Sad to say most of the other reviewers are right, you probably won’t read this until it’s too late. What a sad way to end a most fabulous vacation in Costa Rica,” said user Jen Frost, from Florida, USA.