Celebrate Independence and Children’s Day with the Nosara Library

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There are two important dates to celebrate in September: the first is Children’s Day on September 9 and the second is the celebration of national independence on September 15. 

For Children’s Day every year the David Kitson Library holds a spelling bee, mathematics games and science quests for the third through sixth graders of Serapio Lopez Fajardo Elementary School.  This year we will extend the invitation to include children from Santa Teresita and Santa Marta. These academic competitions include prizes for the children and a snack. 

One of the nicest activities that the town of Nosara has annually to celebrate Independence Day is the parade of lanterns (desfile de faroles). School children, adults and local artists create wonderful lanterns to carry in the parade. The library is a scene of frantic activity for two days before the parade as children gather here to make their lanterns, and it is fun to watch them. The parade takes place the evening of the 14th of September, beginning at 6 p.m. at Super Nosara, to remember the carrying of the torch of freedom from country to country in the year 1821. The people gather to march regardless of the weather. This is an event that should not be missed. The formal civic assembly will be held at the Serapio Lopez School at 8 a.m. on the 15th. 

The library does much more for the community than just manage books and reading. One day in August we were asked to act as the host institution for six missionaries from a group called Pura Vida Ministries Organization/Misión Cliníc.  This group came to do eye tests and administer basic glasses to the Seniors Club of the Library. The word spread quickly and soon there were people from Garza, Las Delicias and Santa Marta arriving to take advantage of this opportunity. About forty people had their eyes tested and received glasses. The eye examination and the glasses were donated by the Pura Vida Organization.