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Cell Phone Donated to Nosara Public Force

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A cellular phone was donated to the Nosara Public Force in July by a man who was frustrated when the police weren’t able to attend to an issue because of lack of communication. The police have been without a phone since last year, when the Nosara Integral Development Association (ADIN) decided to stop paying for the police’s phone line because of misuse, according to ADIN president Marco Avila.

Police chief Gerardo Aguilar Aguilar affirmed that the new cellular phone is always in the office and is only for attending to the public and for calling departments in Nicoya like OIJ and the district attorney. It has a prepaid phone chip that the police themselves are paying to recharge. Aguilar said they recharge about 3000 colones per week ($6). To call the police, the number is 6024-9864.