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Central American Premiere of “Reel Rock 9” Will Take Place in Playa Guiones

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Costa Rica, and specifically Playa Guiones, will be the first country in Central America to enjoy the climbing documentary “Reel Rock 9,” a must-see short film for those who love extreme sports and adrenaline rushes.

The premiere is Friday, the 19th at 8:30 p.m. at La Eskina skate park, on Los Mangos street. The documentary premiered just two months ago and has already been shown at hundreds of locations, but never in Central American countries.

Juan Carlos Saldaña, a Mexican artist and climber who has been living in Nosara for eight years, contacted the organizers to bring the documentary to Nosara.

“There are premieres all over the world and so someone should do the premiere in Central America and where better than Guiones,” Saldaña said.

“Reel Rock 9” retraces from the 60s, when the Beat generation began, inspired by the quote from writer Jack Kerouac: “Because in the end, you will not remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn, climb that goddamn mountain,” up to our days, when climber Alex Honnold scaled the granite wall called Half Dome, which rises 1440 meters (4800 feet) above Yosemite Valley.

Saldaña related that Honnold broke the mold when he climbed Half Dome without any protection, just climbing shoes and magnesia on his hands, making this sport reach dimensions never before imagined by those early pioneers.

“History shows us how Yosemite (a national park in the United States) has influenced different generations of crazies, who love to really break the established limits, who have left their mark expanding the definition of impossible,” Saldaña explained.

“Reel Rock 9” is sponsored by Climb Nosara, Surfing Nosara and Green Sanctuary Hotel and organized by NosarArt Project and Eskina Skate Park.

The documentary is in English and doesn’t have Spanish subtitles. Admission costs 1500 colones (about $2.80).

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