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Cheng Du Opens New Locale in Nicoya

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Formerly located on one of the side streets of the Nicoya neighborhood of Barrio El Carmen, Cheng Du opened its new corner location across from El Estudiante book store in February.

Proprietors Sony Deng and Michel Feng, both natives of Canton, China, have created a striking contrast with white walls and red decorations and wall hangings.

As with most Chinese restaurants in Costa Rica, the most popular items are the Cantonese rice and the chop suey, which is actually a blending of Chinese and Costa Rican flavors.  Sony recommends the house specialty versions of either rice or chop suey, which contain a blend of five meats: roasted beef, chicken, ham, Chinese sausage and shrimp. He explained that for these dishes the raw meat is cooked with the salsa so it comes out very flavorful. He noted that meat that has been precooked and reheated or overcooked doesn’t taste as good.

The house special chop suey costs 2200 ($4.40) for a half portion and 2900 ($5.80) for a full portion.

Cheng Du is open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.