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Children Traveling to US Should Have Measles Vaccination

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Costa Rica’s Ministry of Health is calling for measles vaccination of children who will be traveling to the United States as a result of the recent measles outbreak in that country.

Officials hope to avoid any potential cases of the disease from reaching Costa Rica, which has had no reported cases of measles since 1999.

Officials are calling for the vaccination of all children between six months and 14 months of age who will be traveling to the United States.  Typically, the first vaccination does not occur until after the child is one year of age.

Officials said a follow up dose is required at one year and three months of age, regardless if the child had the early vaccine for a trip to the U.S. as the first of three regular doses typically given for measles immunity.

More than one hundred people in at least 14 states across the United States have been infected by the recent outbreak, which is believed to have begun at Disneyland in Southern California.