Christmas Arrives Dressed in Police Uniforms for Underprivileged Family

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Officials of Nicoya’s Fuerza Publica decided to all contribute money to use for a good cause and help a local family this holiday season.

In that way, this past December 24, a group of police officers arrived at the house of Santos Zuñiga, 67 years old, and Nuria Zuñiga, who is 22, in Chinampas de Terciopelo. Both women live in a house made from zinc sheets and pieces of wood, with a dirt floor.

Omar Chavarria, chief of the Nicoya police station, explained that the family is underprivileged, which is why they decided to give them 200,000 colones ($400) in home supplies, 100,000 colones ($200) in food, and a bed and mattress, since the women were previously sleeping on a wooden board.

“Aside from the family’s difficult situation, Nuria [Zuñiga] suffers from a mental illness which causes nervous breakdowns in which she sometimes yells and throws herself on the ground,” explained Chavarria. In addition, he indicated that Nuria is currently undergoing medical treatment and affirmed that they will continue to follow this situation to look for more donations and ensure that the women are the ones who benefit and use the purchases.

To make a donation, call the office of Nicoya’s Fuerza Publica at 2686-7266.