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Chumico Doesn’t Mess Around With Their Chicharrones

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The chicharrones (pork rinds) at El Rancho y Chicharronera El Chumico are prepared the traditional way, in a family atmosphere and with everything that you expect a good chicharron to have.

The restaurant is located on Route 21 between Nicoya and Santa Cruz, across from the entrance to the community of Chumico. The rustic-style ranch offers visitors a pleasant atmosphere with plenty of space.

One of the house specialties is the mixed plate of chicharrones that comes with patacones (deep fried plantains), chicken, refried beans, pico de gallo, lettuce and yucca. The plate can be shared by two people at a price of ₵3,500 ($6.60).

In addition, they prepare traditional meat chicharrones (₵3,000 or $5.70) and skin chicharrones (₵2,500 or $4.70). Another option is chifrijo (chicharron and beans) from skin, meat or mixed (₵3,000 or $5.70).

Other dishes that you can order are Arroz Chumico (₵3,500 or $6.60), which is a kind of rice made with pieces of beef, accompanied by a garden salad. You can also choose fish fillet, prepared grilled, breaded, with garlic or with butter (₵3,500 or $6.60).

The youngest member of the family can eat nachos with beef, chicken or mixed, all for (₵2,000 or $3.75).

Phone: 2681-8154
Hours: Tuesday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
The Good: Pleasant atmosphere, good ventilation.
The Bad: The customer service is very slow.