City of Santa Cruz Will License Out Trash Collection in Tamarindo

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Santa Cruz city trucks will no longer be the ones picking up trash in Tamarindo. The local government is about to license out the service in the coming days to a private company.

The information was announced in a city council meeting and supported by mayor Maria Rosa Lopez.

According to Lopez, they are in the process of opening up bidding for the service. The companies interested can bid and the city will select the most adequate one.

The local government has a ¢110 million budget in order to start the project.

“Third party trash collection is considered for the rest of the year, which means for the next six months (July-December),” the mayor said.

The need for reinforcing the collection service in the canton and for greater efficiency were the reasons the city gave for deciding to contract the service.

In March, the Tamarindo Comprehensive Development Association (ADI) had decried a lack of garbage trucks in the district and the canton, which delayed trash collection in different communities.

The ADI indicated that the municipality had only five trucks for service in all of Santa Cruz.

The municipality must act in order to attack and end this problem,” the ADI said before the council.

Tamarindo will become the first district in Santa Cruz that works under this model.