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Cocaine and Stolen Meat Confiscated in Nicoya

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The lure of fresh beef led to the arrest of two individuals of last names Chaves Martinez and Aguirre Cardenas on October 14 in front of Pedregal in Nicoya, according to Adriana Cordoba, second in command for the Nicoya Public Force.

The men, who were in a white truck, are suspected of stealing the meat by slaughtering a cow in a local pasture and cutting it up. In the vehicle, they had two knives, a small axe and a whetstone for sharpening. The owner of the cow was located after the beef was confiscated.

Later, on October 20, the Nicoya Public Force was advised of a suspicious looking vehicle at the La Alianza gas station in Nicoya. When the vehicle was searched, 180 grams of cocaine was found and confiscated. The suspect, of last names Matarrita Mejias, was sentenced to four months of preventive prison, according to Omar Chavarria, Nicoya police chief.