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Colochos: Ceviche from the Heart of Samara

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Marisqueria Colochos is in the heart of Samara in more ways than one.  It is located in the center of town adjacent to the new park, is much loved by locals, and the family is an institution in this town.  Colocho is the nick name of Alexis Jimenez Cardenas.

He and his wife Marilyn Castillo have operated in this location for about five years, but recently remodeled to allow for more and larger tables under cover.  Before this location they owned another restaurant in Samara and if you go way back Colocho was a fisherman.  The man knows fish.

Colochos is a family affair.  If your server isn’t Colocho or his wife, it is probably one of their children or his son-in-law Guillermo Busto.

Local shop owner Carlos says “The ceviche of Colocho is a legend in Samara.”  That is with good reason.  It is delicious, particularly when combined with the house made chilero. Other fish dishes are also outstanding.  My personal favorite is Filet a la Catalana with olives and mushrooms in a cream sauce, served with fries and a salad.  I confess that although the restaurant offers beef (6000- 8000 colones), I have never tasted the steak.  For me, Colochos means seafood.

Specialties include the ceviche (2000-6000 colones depending on size and type – fish, shrimp or mixed), seafood soup (5000 colones), Machubella with squid, octopus, lobster, shrimp and fish (18,500 colones colones) and paella (14,500 colones for 2 people).  Casados are 3000 colones.  Other options include rice dishes with vegetables or seafood ( 4000-5000 colones) and several shrimp and fish dishes.  For drinks there is a small bar, but most order beer or a smoothie made with whatever fresh fruit is on hand.

To find Colochos ask locals to direct you. It is on a small cul-de-sac behind Super Samara and before the ICE office – no direct access from the Super Samara side. Just walk or drive around the block and look for the sign on the corner.

The good: Authentic Costa Rican seafood.  


Provides good seating for families and other groups.  

Warm family atmosphere.  

The restaurant also recently added a stand that is frequently open near the soccer field for a quick carry out ceviche order.

The bad: Hard to find if you don’t know Samara well.

Spanish is often the only language spoken ( but the menu has English translations and the family will make sure you get what you need so don’t let that stop you!)

Closed on Sundays

Prices: Appetizers are 2000- 6000 ($3.75-$11)

Entrees are 3000 to 18,500 colones per person ($5.50-$33.50)

Open Monday through Saturday for breakfast, lunch and dinner (closes from 4-6pm)