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Community Reforests Bank of Nosara River Affected by Dike

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Saturday, August 22 was a day full of planting. With more than 100 volunteers, 600 native species trees were planted to reforest one of the areas of the Nosara River that had been most affected by the recent construction of a dike.

Of the total number of trees, 200 were provided by the Nosara Development Association, 200 by Hotel Harmony and 200 by Christoph Hubmann, a forestry engineer. The planting took place on the banks of the river where the dike is located, in the Santa Marta area.

“The idea is to make this space very pretty and productive, made by the community, for the community. We want the actual neighbors to be the ones who plant and for it to be something beautiful that enriches. The first step was the need for the river to have protection around its edges, but there is still a lot to do,” said Hubmann.

The reforestation was coordinated by Phillys and Jerusha Kramer, mother and daughter, respectively, who formed the group Guardians of the Nosara River (Guardianes del Rio Nosara), along with Hubmann, who also works with the Nosara ASADA.

The prep work started on August 17, when gardeners, fisherman and the Nosara Blue Flag Committee cleaned and prepared the area so that the new trees would develop well, returning fauna and flora to the length of the river.

The trees planted include  Cocobolo (Nicaraguan rosewood, Dalbergia retusa), coconut, mango, cuadrado and Moringa (Moringa oleifera), among others. According to Hubmann, trees that are close to the river have a favorable micro climate and the Guardians’ work will be to maintain them so that they can develop.

Because the site has fertile soil, the volunteers did not have to use fertilizer. They took advantage of earth that had been moved by the dike’s builders to plant the trees.

The forestry engineer mentioned that the ASADA will try to obtain a permit from the National Emergency Commission so that firefighters can use water from the river to water the trees during the dry season.

Los Guardianes del río van a intentar adquirir fondos para poder emplear a gente que les de mantenimiento. También harán una lista de los árboles que sobrevivan para seguir sembrando en otras temporadas.

The river’s Guardians will try to raise money to be able to employee people for the trees’ maintenance. They will also make a list of the trees that survive to continue planting in future years.

The first stage of reforestation was done thanks to the teamwork of kids, adults, the elderly, locals and tourists on the morning of August 22.