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Complaints from Samara Residents Helped to Arrest Colombians

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The Samara community breathes easier now after the arrest made by the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) on Sunday, October 13, to dismantle an alleged drug ring operating in the community. The investigation started this year in January and concluded with actions taken this weekend when eight subjects arrested of Colombian nationality, of ages between 25 and 52, were arrested, the OIJ press department told the Voice. The raids were made at the homes of the people, in public roadways and at a bar that was run by one of the suspects. The raid was carried out at 6 a.m. on Sunday and took those arrested by surprise, according to the Public Force delegation in Samara.

Authorities seized about 7 kilos of drugs, including cocaine and marijuana, around two million colones ($4000) cash, which presumably was from illegal sales, as well as seven firearms, of which four were pistols and three revolvers.

For his part, Marcos Carmona, president of the Samara Chamber of Tourism (CASATUR), said he felt relieved after the raid by OIJ and the Public Force since such actions provide security for the community. In addition, Carmona indicated that they have held meetings previously with the police and community members to warn of suspicious people and to make the respective denunciations to the authorities.

Officials believe that the drugs were brought in by boat. The suspects who were arrested are in under the custody of the Public Ministry to determine their legal status.