Constant Downpours Delay Asphalt on Route 160

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Constant rains have delayed paving work on 10 kilometers of Route 160 between Santa Marta and Playa Garza de Nosara, according to Marco Avila, president of the Nosara Integral Development Association (in Spanish, ADIN).


“There has been so much rain and mud that the machinery can’t work on the road. It rains here every day,” he said.


Machinery from the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (in Spanish, MOPT) has been working on this stretch since this past May.



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The MOPT has worked on 700 meters of the road between the entrance to Santa Marta and the Nosara gas station.


They are also building the approaches where a Bailey bridge will be placed over Sube y Baja Creek.


Avila said that the ADIN has donated to the MOPT more than 100,000 meters of fill and rock to be placed as the road’s base.

The project is financed by the National Roadway Council and costs ¢2.75 billion.