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Coronavirus: Liberia Hospital emergency room works normally

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It is false that the Liberian hospital closed its emergency room for a possible case of coronavirus.

The emergency service is working as it has been doing in recent days,” said the director of the medical center, Marvin Palma, to The Voice Fact Checking

The Facebook page, “Calles Guanacaste”, published today, Thursday, March 12, that the Liberia Hospital closed the emergency room for a possible case of coronavirus, which is false.

The manager of the page, Fabio Garita, told La Voz that in the publication he was referring to “an emergency sector” in the hospital and that the information was obtained from a hospital official, but he did not want to reveal the name of the source.

The Voice Fact Checking consulted the director of the Liberia Hospital, Marvin Palma, about this statement and the doctor denied that it was true.

When there is a change, I will be the first to communicate it,” said Palma. “There is no confirmed case (of COVID-19) either in the hospital or in Liberia,” he clarified.

According to the director of the medical center, patients with symptoms of respiratory diseases are evaluated by medical personnel to determine if they are symptoms of COVID-19 or not. If so, the staff puts a special mouth cover on the patient and are treated in an office dedicated exclusively for this type of virus.

Subsequently, medical personnel examine whether, in addition to symptoms, they have had a history of contact with people from countries with the reported virus. Samples are taken and, according to their state of health, they are hospitalized or sent home with a report to the respective health area for follow-up.

The hospital has a pre-selected hospitalization area to admit patients who are eventually confirmed to have the virus.