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Costa Rica extends closure of borders until June 15

Translator: Mónica Ortiz

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The Minister of Public Security, Michael Soto Rojas, announced this Thursday at a press conference that the closure of the country’s borders will continue until June 15.

Once again, this extends for another month the period of migratory restrictions because so far, the closure was defined until next Friday, May 15.

When making the announcement, Soto assured that: “The decision has been made today to extend until June 15 the migratory restrictions regarding the closure of borders. During this period, only Costa Ricans or persons residing in the country may enter the country”.

In that manner, the measures implemented so far are extended, such as those that foreigners who leave the country cannot re-enter and if they are found entering or leaving blind spots, they will be detained, their residence permit will be canceled, and they will be expelled from the national territory.

In addition, Costa Ricans and residents entering the country on humanitarian flights or the like, will have to be held in mandatory 14-day isolation waiting for the incubation period to be over.

Again, air transport, commerce and supplies crews are exempt from this measure.

As an additional containment measure, both Soto and the Minister of Health, Daniel Salas Peraza, announced the new measure that all freight carriers entering Costa Rica must undergo the COVID-19 test in order to enter national ground.

Soto pointed out that: “It has been arranged and for a matter of maintaining the food flow chain carried out by carriers, trucks or trailers, that each foreign carrier who enters the country in this condition, must be subjected to the COVID-19 test to determine if it turns out positive”.

Daniel Salas added that, to date, 230 carriers have been tested when they entered the country and that only one positive case has been identified, which is already isolated and whose close contacts are being identified.