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Costa Rica Health Authorities Issue Alert for Cholera in Mexico

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Costa Rican health authorities have issued an alert after an outbreak of cholera in Mexico, which authorities fear might make its way to Costa Rica.

Authorities sent the alert to healthcare workers, urging extreme caution when working with patients who have diarrhea, as diarrhea is the primary symptom of persons infected with Vibrio Cholerae, which is responsible for the disease.

As a result, any patients visiting clinics or hospitals who are suffering from diarrhea will receive special attention.

Authorities will also be on the lookout for travelers at the country’s borders and airports who exhibit such symptoms.

Mary Ethel Trejos, director of Health Surveillance at the Ministry of Health, said yesterday there are no suspected cases of cholera so far.

Cholera is an acute bacterial infection, which affects the intestines and causes diarrhea and vomiting.  The disease is not spread directly from one person to another; instead, transmission occurs when a person consumes food or water contaminated with infected feces.

Authorities say the best way to avoid infection is frequent had washing and avoiding foods of dubious origin or preparation.

The last outbreak of Cholera in Costa Rica occurred in 1997.