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Costa Rica Mother´s Day: The Ten Gifts Mom Wants but Never Gets

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August 15 is Mother´s Day in Costa Rica and choosing a gift for Mom is one of the most difficult decisions a boy or husband has to make. However, do not make the mistake of buying the usual appliance or other device that points her towards more chores.

To make the task easier, The Voice of Guanacaste has compiled a list of ten gifts that could be a good choice for this August 15.

  1. Annual subscription. Don’t make your mother wait for the final amount of the bill at the grocery store to see if she can afford her favorite magazine. Give her an annual subscription so that, month after month, she can get her magazine.
  2. Adventure. Spending Mother’s Day in a restaurant has its perks, but in the end, it’s the same old lunch or dinner every year. A good option can be to enjoy a canopy tour, shoot the rapids or even take a quad trip through the mountains.
  3. Spoil her.  The busy schedules that mothers have these days can force them to neglect taking care of their appearance and sacrifice time for themselves. Give her a spa package that can be dedicated strictly to her, with beauty and massage sessions so she can take time off of the thousands of jobs she does every day.
  4. Digital music. For more modern moms, a CD may be a gift they will never use, as there are few CD players these days and currently more people listen to music on devices or cell phones. A good option for tech-savvy mothers is a subscription to applications such as Spotify, through which they can listen to all the music they want and even make their own playlists.
  5. Lunch without the mess. If this year’s budget is a bit too limited to go on a trip or take her out to lunch in a restaurant, no worries! Make a meal at home! The most important thing is to ensure that mothers do not cook. Oh! And the party doesn’t end there – make sure that guests don’t leave behind a mess, ensure that the house is clean and that there’s no disaster in the kitchen. If you see any issues, get to work and leave the house spotless.
  6. Fine silk. If there is one thing that women like to buy, it’s underwear. Have fun and buy your wife some beautiful pieces that will help bring back the sensuality to your relationship. Take advantage of Guanacaste’s heat; a sexy silk underwear is a sight to see.
  7. Beautiful smile. Perhaps you have perfect teeth because your mother worked to pay for orthodontic care. Now it’s your turn to do the same. A dental treatment, some braces or a whitening treatment could be great options for your mom to have perfect teeth and a beautiful smile.
  8. The kitsch gift. At times money is too tight for even a chocolate; nevertheless, that’s no excuse to not give her anything. In these times of digital cameras, photo albums have nearly become a thing of the past, but who doesn’t like to re-live memories? Choose the best photos you have with your mom and decorate them with recycled materials and phrases that define your relationship. Cheap? Maybe so, but the value of work done by hand is always appreciated.
  9. Hit the town. Mothers were also once young and wild. Go on a bar crawl with your mom; take her to the hippest places and invite her to shots like chiliguaros or miguelitos which surely she won’t recognize but will help her have a lot of fun.
  10. The race she just couldn’t win. Many mothers had to sacrifice their professional dreams to dedicate themselves to their children. Help your mom achieve her goals by offering financial support for the studies she left behind to educate you instead.