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Council Members Approve Alcohol Sales During Easter Week

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For the third consecutive year, the council members of the Municipal Council of Nicoya approved keeping the normal sale of alcoholic beverages in businesses in the canton during Easter Week.

The announcement was made on Monday, March 23rd following its approval by the majority of the council members (3-2), who believe that the decision to not implement the so-called Dry Law benefits liquor license holders.

Rodolfo Orozco, council member, explained that the reason for not applying the prohibition is to not hurt sales for liquor license holders during this time period when more tourists visit the canton.

“I believe in God but I do believe that liquor license holders have had a drop [in sales] in recent months. We keep in mind that if the [Dry] Law was in effect, [alcohol sales] would end at noon on Wednesday, [March 31st] and not resume until Saturday, [April 4th]. So it would be almost a week when license holders would not have income.”

In addition, Orozco pointed out that in previous occasions, when the Dry Law has been applied, it has stimulated underground liquor sales.

“[The Dry Law] has fomented underground sales in many homes and they are the ones who benefit rather than those who have licenses,” he said.

For her part, Ana Lizeth Espinoza, one of the council members who was in favor of the prohibition, affirmed that the Dry Law does not promote underground operations but is a means for reflection within the family.

“I do not think so [regarding underground sales]. It is my personal opinion. I think in that we can collect ourselves a little during these days and make use of spiritual reflection,” Espinoza said.