Councilors Approve Agreement to Create Public Force “Mobile Headquarters” in Tamarindo

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Members of the Santa Cruz municipal council approved an agreement between the Ministry of Public Security, GrupoDiria and the Mayor’s office, which will create a mobile Public Force station and reduce crime rates in the canton’s coastal areas.

During the session on Tuesday, November 3, Public Force officials were in attendance, as well as Rudy Morales, legal counsel for the Ministry ofSecuirty, who presented the council with the necessity of having a structure to maintain a permanent police presence in Tamarindo and nearby areas.

“Today we’re here representing Minister of Security Gustavo Mata, to urge the municipal council to make a three-way agreement between GrupoDiria, the Minister of Public Security and the municipality. We are requesting that the council purchase a mobile and reusable structure that can be installed there, and at the end of the agreement, that it be removed and sent to another place to be used for security purposes,” explained Morales.

For his part, Francisco Zuñiga, the councilor in charge of the session, explained that the station would be located on land that currently belongs to the municipality, so that Public Force officials could work with Tourism Police to cover the 94 kilometers of beach in the canton of Santa Cruz.

Association Seeks Land Concession to Create Park and Public Bathrooms in Tamarindo

Another person from Tamarindo who joined the council’s sessionwas Martin Salerno, fiscal for the Tamarindo Development Association, who told the councilors that it is necessary to create a public park in the community that provides facilities to visitors, such as bathrooms and showers.

However, the plan is problematic, as it is hoped to locate the space within the 150 meters of the Maritime-Land Zone, which is why the municipality would have to grant a concession to the Development Association.

In addition, Salerno explained that a resident who previously lived at the site and was later evicted by the municipality also wants the municipality to concede the space.

“What I’ve come to request today is a solution to this to be able to continue with the park. It’s contradictory. She [the resident] submitted paperwork so that they would grant it [the concession] again and they’ve [the councilors] been dealing with it for a long time without resolving it, and today there is a conflict with the park that they approved and it’s part of the public zone, belonging to the municipality. We want it to be declared a park for the public. We want to create a place for recreation and public use.

The councilors agreed address Salerno’s issue again during the next municipal session, and to review the land’s file with the director of the Land-Maritime Zone.