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Cravings for Seafood Brought to Your Door

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How many times have you gotten the craving to eat delicious trout or tuna but been too lazy to leave the house? Now a Swiss gentleman will bring you exquisite seafood to your door.

Nicola Denoth is the owner of Ahumados Bernina and for three years he has been dedicated to creating products derived from seafood. The Switzerland native has traveled the world learning recipes and he rejects canned foods, always using fresh, first-class ingredients.

Among his offerings, Denoth provides smoked trout fillets that are prepared at different temperatures. Prices for trout range from ¢2,500 ($4.60) to ¢3,000 ($5.55), depending on size.

Tuna is also part of his menu and he sells it as filets cured in salt but also recommends the tuna dip, made with a cream cheese base, herbs and garlic. A 120-gram portion of the dip costs ¢2,800 ($5.20).

He also offers lunches for ¢2,000 ($3.70) with a different option every week. For example, his menu includes meat lasagna with carrots, leeks and homemade pasta. There are also noodles with trout in white sauce and spinach, or smoked fish sandwiches on homemade artisan bread that can be white, whole grain, braided or pretzel.

For those looking for a dessert to sweeten up their day, dehydrated fruits are available, such as bananas (100 grams), mango (50 grams) and pineapple (50 grams) for ¢750 ($1.40) per package.

Keep in mind that the service is offered by order only. Orders can be made a day in advance. Ahumados Bernina distributes to homes in Nicoya on Wednesdays and in Samara on Fridays.

Tel: 8342-6474

Facebook: Ahumados Bernina

Email: [email protected]