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Culture Hopes to Find its Niche at the Samara Art Festival

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Some might say that Samara is the Paris of Guanacaste, where artists come together and share their talents while people ride their bikes carrying fresh bread in their baskets. It might be more wishful thinking than reality, but that wish is shared by many, especially Spaniard Xavi Palomar, who plans to offer artistic and cultural activities every month with the Samara Art Festival.

Palomar, owner of the Natural Center, already held some artistic forums and meetings in February. However, there are more activities in March.

On Saturday March 7th, within the framework of the Puro Cuento (Pure Stories) International Festival, held in San Jose, Samara will be a secondary venue so it will feature performances by renowned Colombian storyteller Mauricio Grande. The Colombian will perform at 11 a.m.

“We want to defend the culture of Costa Rica and that’s why the festival is in Spanish. Those who attend should accept that it is the language spoken here. Samara cannot become a place where only English is spoken and where foreigners don’t make an effort to learn part of the Costa Rican culture,” Palomar explained.

Another festival activity during the month of March is the “Photography as an Excuse” workshop, which is an introduction to photography as a method of exploring for youth 15-18 years old. This course will be taught by photographer Selena Avendaño, who graduated from Veritas University. At press time, the date of this course was still not known, but Palomar said that those interested can inquire at the Natural Center.

The festival will also have activities during the month of April. On the 11th of the month, the Embassy of Argentina in Costa Rica will hold a conference at 6:30 p.m. on the historical figure of freedom fighter Jose de San Martin.

According to Palomar, during 2015, the Natural Center will use the money previously set aside for advertising to hold activities that promote local culture and art.