Demolition of Pavilion in Front of Colonial Church Makes Way for Cultural Museum

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With a bit of nostalgia and emotion, Nicoyans and people passing through Recaredo Briceño Park on May 10 observed as machinery of the company Deco demolished the pavilion in the park. 

The structure was built in 1958 and had an appearance similar to a metate, a rectangular stone tool used by the aborigines to grind grain. 

After 55 years, the pavilion was showing visible structural damages due to the passing of time as water filtered through it during rainy seasons, and it recently took a beating from the earthquake last September 5th. 

It was for these reasons that the Municipality decided to tear down the structure, contracting the services of the company Desarrollos en Construcción Deco S.A. (Deco Construction Developments) for 125 million colones ($250,000).  

This amount includes the work of demolition and cleaning, as well as building the new pavilion and creating an ethnographic museum. 

Marcos Jimenez, mayor of Nicoya, explained that the museum will be located below the new gazebo, specifically in the basement, with dimensions of 15 meters high by 15 wide and will house archeological pieces that are part of the history of the canton.   

Jimenez said that the work initiated last week by Deco is supervised by the direction of the Historic Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT). Once completed, the entrance to the museum will be free and open to the public. A municipal official will be present and in charge of the premises. 

The estimated time for the company to finish the work is three months; however, Jimenez is optimistic that they will be able to inaugurate the new pavilion and museum during the July 25th civic ceremonies.