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Dengue Epidemic Under Control

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Cases of dengue fever have finally returned to “normal” at the end of the worst epidemic of dengue on record in Costa Rica.

About 48,700 cases were registered around the country in 2013. Previously, 2005 held the record with 37,798 cases, although the year when the highest number of deaths occurred was 2007, with eight fatalities.

The canton with the worst number of cases nationwide was Nicoya, at 3627 by mid-December. Santa Cruz had the second highest number of cases at 2859 by the 48th week of the year.

There were 30 cases of the more dangerous hemorrhagic dengue in the canton of Nicoya and one death reported, a 28-year-old male. The area with the highest number of cases was the San Martin neighborhood in the city of Nicoya, according to Dr. Maricela Villegas Angulo, Coordinator of Health Vigilance for the Nicoya region. 

By mid-December, there were only eight cases of dengue in the canton.