Nosara, General

Do you speak Nosarian?

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Do you speak Nosarian?

The language of Nosara is not Spanish nor English but a local dialect that distinguishes its phrases from most other idioms. To speak Nosarian is to speak softly and clearly with as few words as possible accompanied by hand gestures, sometime small drawings made with a stick in the sand and, of course, a wide range of facial expressions.

Because the Nosarian language is spoken in Guanacaste, a blue zone where the people are as old as the hills and ply their skill with nature, governed by phases of the moon, organic and unaffected by history, language is less necessary than in other places, limiting the Nosarian vocabulary to only a few dozen words.

 Spanish,  in truth, was a cruel colonial imposition of recent origin; yet a few words may be found even in pure Nosarian, like buena, ferreteria, esposa and vamos.

The most important and distinctive characteristic of the language is that it must be spoken with a wide and genuine smile that eliminates any possibility of irony or whistling, or speaking while eating.

For visitors to Nosara, try to pick-up a little Nosarian while you’re here. I have struggled with Spanish but seem to communicate just fine in Nosarian. Try it.