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Donations Will Keep Samara Beach Clean for Another Year

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In just one month, the Samara community reached the financial goal needed to cover one year of beach and town clean-up fees. Approximately $4360 dollares were raised, which will cover salaries, garbage bags, gloves, uniform and cart repairs. 

Though the Samara Tourist Chamber (CASATUR) has officially disbanded, its board continues to function voluntarily in conjunction with other community actors as the Comité Pro-Limpieza de Sámara (Samara Beach Cleaning Committee) in order to maintain the beach-cleaning program and apply to win back the Blue Flag for next year.

Many of the hotels and bigger businesses in Sámara (with a couple noticeable exceptions) have pledged to support the project and the community, recognizing that their business depends on providing a positive experience for their guests, a big part of which is connected to the cleanliness of the town and beach. In addition, some say that guests have asked them about the blue flag, and that the fact that Samara doesn’t have it this year has affected their bookings.  

In recognition of their contributions, the Cleaning Committee decided this year to have a new uniform made for “Don Carlos”, a familiar figure around town who helps keep the community clean with his tow cart. Don Carlos wears his own clothes every day as he cleans around town.

The new uniform will be printed in September once all logos of each sponsor and payments have been received.

The following is the list to date of all those who are committed to helping keep Samara clean through participation in this project:

Belvedere Hotel

Casa del Mar

Carrillo Adventures

Coco’s Restaurant

Entre Dos Aguas

Gusto Beach

Hostal Marisposas

Hotel Giada

Intercultura Sámara Language School

Lavae Glass – Casa Gecko

Laz Divaz Hotel

Lic. José Miguel Alfaro

Panamerican Woods

Patti Garrett

Rancho de la playa hotel

Samara Hot Vacations – Louise Tangri

Samara Infocenter

Samara Inn hotel

Samara pacific lodge

Samara Palm Lodge

Super Iguana Verde

Super & Licorera Las Olas

Super Samara

Treehouse Inn

Villas Kalimba

Villas Playa Samara