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Don’t Know How to Save Energy? Hire El Eléctrico

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High electricity costs are a problem both for Costa Rican residents and businesses. Just thinking about installing air conditioning in a house is enough to make you imagine the electric bill that you’ll have to pay.


However, for the last 34 years the company El Eléctrico has innovated in the Costa Rican market to solve these types of problems with intelligent installations, sophisticated technology, and the best electricians around.


In addition to helping you save energy, El Eléctrico also creates systems that protect against lightning and power surges, as well as info-communications, and energy conversion. They also offer traditional products such as energy distribution, wiring, lighting, channeling, and industrial control.


In order to fulfill their clients’ expectations, El Eléctrico is supported by the best businesses in the market, including around 45 brands with over 20,000 products.


This Costa Rican company was founded on January 2, 1983. Thanks to the vision of the engineer Carlos Barquero Dodero, the company is a leader in sales and distribution of low- and mid-tension electrical solutions, as well as a highly trained assembly division.


Among the services that El Eléctrico offers are lightening rod supplies and maintenance, electrical generator setup and maintenance, design of grounding grids, UPS, and transformers.



El Eléctrico is part of the change towards the production of clean energy. In their Liberia branch they installed 120 solar panels. Each panel produces 305 Watts, for a total capacity of 36.6 Kilowatts. This system is projected to produce around 4,000 KW every month, which will considerably lower electricity consumption from the power grid.


The company currently employs 125 people, who work in the Liberia and San José branches. This July the Liberia branch will celebrate its 11th anniversary. There will be activities for customers, suppliers, and the general public from July 15-22.



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