Dredging of Río Nosara Advances

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The dredging of the Río Nosara’s channel and dike construction are in their final stage.

So says Marcos Avila, president of Integral Development Association of Nosara (ADIN – Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Nosara), who mentioned that the works could be completed by early November.

In a trip made by The Voice on Wednesday October 9th, one could see the progress and work of the machinery of the company HHB Consa, in charge of the job, and that work has been done to enlarge the channel, build the dike about nine meters high, and to apply a protective layer of cement over the dike.

According to Avila, the effectiveness of the work was tested with good results, as after heavy rainfall occurred in early October, the dike not only withstood the rise in the water level but also allowed the correct drainage of the channel.

“We are pleased with the results of the work, and it seems this will be the first winter that Nosara will not flood,” said Avila.

However, with heavy winter floods, much sand and stone material has been left in the middle of the river, which could become a problem of continued accumulation.

In addition, Avila explained that the concession for the removal of these sediments is run by John Fraser, a resident of the community, but that so far there has not been any kind of extraction.

In this situation ADIN, together with the Municipality of Nicoya, will evaluate the possibility of canceling the concession so that another person can be put in charge of extracting the materials.