Drivers Complain about Poor Condition of Street Leading to Riteve in Nicoya

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Several Guanacaste drivers are complaining about the poor condition of the street that leads to the Riteve (Technical Revision) facility in the city of Nicoya.

Each time drivers have to go to have their respective vehicle revision done, they have to find a way to be able to enter the Riteve facilities since the access road is in terrible condition.

Marisol Ruiz, who lives in Nicoya, told that “it is unfortunate whenever a driver has an appointment at Riteve, they come with the car in perfect condition and they can damage the ball joints or the struts entering the street and fail the review.”

According to data on Riteve’s website, thousands of vehicles enter that street every time they schedule their respective vehicular appointments, and in addition any type of vehicle enters there.

“Riteve and the Municipality of Nicoya should be embarrassed by this street and so they want people to pass the revision like this,” expressed an older man when he entered to do his vehicle revision. tried to contact Nicoya’s mayor, Marco Jimenez, to learn the Municipality’s viewpoint, but his cell phone went unanswered twice.