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Duck Magret: Recipe from Guanacaste Resident Who Will Compete in Hungary

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Since April 30th, the province of Guanacaste has a new face that is a point of pride for many. We are talking about 21-year-old Giancarlo Alvarez, from Nandayure, who won the Jeunes Chef Rôtisseurs gastronomy contest and will represent Costa Rica in Budapest, Hungary, in the world competition on September 7th.

Alvarez impressed the judges with a duck magret in a blackberry, basil and ginger sauce. Would you like to cook it? We give you the recipe: Two servings.

Two duck breasts, 80 grams of blackberry, 1 carrot, 1 sprig of basil, 10 grams of almonds, ginger to taste, salt and pepper, oregano, orange juice, 1 green apple, half of a white onion, half of a red onion, apple cider vinegar (to taste), 1½ limes


1- First you marinate the duck breast with salt, pepper and oregano. Set it aside while you prepare the rest.
2- To make the vinaigrette, cut the apple and onions julienne style. Then place in a bowl and add vinegar, lime, salt and pepper.
3- Separately, to prepare the sauce, blend blackberries, basil, ginger and almonds. Once liquefied, strain and add a little water if necessary. Then heat it in a double boiler.
4- To work with the duck, seal the meat skin by putting the duck in a hot frying pan with a little oil for a few minutes until the skin is golden brown.
5- Next, remove it and placed it in a container to put it in the oven at 350 °C for about 10 minutes.
6- While the duck is cooking, prepare the accompaniment. Dice the carrots and saute them in a frying pan with oil and add the orange juice for several minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste and wait until the carrots are cooked to perfection.

7- Finally, place the sauce first, add the duck breast, drizzle the vinaigrette and arrange the accompaniment.