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Eat a Macho Chicken in Nosara

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For many, eating roasted chicken might be a very simple, everyday thing. However, the new restaurant Macho could change that concept.

Located where Pacifico Azul used to be in Playa Guiones, the first thing Macho has going for it is that their chickens are bought on farms in La Esperanza of Nosara and in Santa Cruz, with the guarantee that they are not injected with hormones or with any industrial chemical.

According to the owners, Lisa Lemkin of France and Derek Lemkin of the United States, almost all of the products that they use in their kitchen are organic, which is unusual for a restaurant of this type.

The food is very tasty and perfect for sharing with the family. For example, a whole chicken costs ¢12,000 (about $22.50), can be shared by about six people and is accompanied by homemade tortillas. This chicken has a delicious and unique flavor since it is injected with a marinade made from orange juice. The yucca and patacones (deep fried plantains) for ¢2,000 (about $3.75) are an excellent option for something to munch on with a margarita or a cold beer.

Vegetarians also have a variety of options, as they can eat plantain ceviche or gazpacho soup for ¢3500 (about $6.60) or a good-sized green salad with cherry tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, red onion and lime sauce and vinegar for ¢4000 (about $7.50).

Macho also has the special feature of offering express service to anywhere in Nosara.

Hours: 5 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Phone: 2682-0700

The good: Good quality food, variety of menu options and express service.

The bad: The site feels like it’s not finished; however, this is understandable since it opened on December 16.