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Eat Piangua at El Rinconcito and Cure Yourself of Dengue

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If you ever had a bad bout of dengue, it was because you haven’t tried the delicious and nutritious piangua (a type of clam) ceviche from Rinconcito del Marisco before, in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Nicoya.

The restaurant is famous in Nicoya for the freshness and quality of its seafood and for offering revitalizing piangua ceviche (¢3,000 or $5.60) to those with weak health. The ceviche is served without additives and accompanied by caudrado plantains.

The place is a true delight for seafood lovers. You can choose between three different types of seafood styles: prepared with garlic, with butter (¢5,000 or $9.40) or with vegetables in oyster sauce (¢6,000 or $11.30). If you are a fan of shrimp, you can satisfy the craving with a dish of shrimp with rice (¢3,500 or $6.60), or choose different varieties of jumbo shrimp.

For those who prefer meat, the Rinconcito tenderloin (¢9,000 or $17) is prepared in tomato sauce with shrimp, or how could you say no to some delicious BBQ ribs (¢4,500 or $8.50) served with yucca

Express Service: 2686-7786.

Hours: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The Good: Fresh, quality food, good service and a nice atmosphere.

The Bad: It is closed on Mondays.