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Editorial: How to Save a Life in Three Steps

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This isn’t an editorial criticizing a government, a city or a mayor. This is a text that will tell you what you can do right now to help save the life of someone who suffers from chronic kidney disease.

Become an organ donor. In Costa Rica, there are 280 people waiting for a kidney from a cadaver and Guanacaste is one of the provinces that has the fewest number of people registered as donors via the Costa Rica Social Security Institute. In that link, all you have to do is fill in the blank spaces with your personal information in order to register as a donor. You can also mark it on your driver’s license or tell your closest family members. It’s best if you write it down. When you die, your body may still be useful and could help save a life. What better act is there than donating at the end of your life?

Call your favorite lawmaker. Legislators can do a lot even though they usually do very little. Their commitment to Guanacaste shouldn’t die after the political campaign and they should always be open to receiving opinions from citizens. How can you help them? Since they are the ones who create and promote laws, you can advocate for new legislation that requires them to compensate patients with chronic kidney disease because of the harm they suffered while working. You can also intercede at the Costa Rica Social Security Institute to help speed up pensions procedures for those suffering or at the Mixed Social Aid Institute to encourage them to attend to families of those who can’t work and have several children. We are sure that you can propose other solutions for them.

You don’t even have to search for the numbers. Here they are:  

-Luis Antonio Aiza Campos 2531- 6507 / 2531 6508 / 2531- 6511.

-Aida María Montiel Héctor 2531 6577 / 2531 6578 / 2531 6581

-Mileyde Alvarado Arias 2531 6647 / 2531 6648 / 2531 6651

-Rodolfo Rodrigo Peña Flores 2531 6857 / 2531 6858 / 2531 6861

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